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  • Beyond Facture 

    Murphy, Ingrid (2017-02-15)
    Material arts, craft-based practices, digital processes and technological constructs influence, support and affect each other in multiple possible ways, each with their own historical lineage and associated aspirations ...
  • Tourism development and growth 

    De Vita, Glauco; Kyaw, Khine S. (ElsevierCardiff School of Management, 2016-06-04)
    •Role of the level of economic development on the tourism-growth relationship. •We use SYS-GMM estimation on a panel of 129 countries over 1995–2011. •Our specification includes the level of financial development. ...
  • The Glorification of Plunder - States, Power and Tax Policy 

    James, Malcolm (Spiramus Press Ltd, 2017-08)
    This book is about two things: tax and power. The processes through which tax law is formulated, involve more than the formal legislative and judicial processes which result in statute and case law. Tax law is an ...
  • Implementing Lean Six Sigma to overcome the production challenges in an aerospace company 

    Thomas, Andrew; Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron; Byard, Paul (Taylor & Francis, 2016-03-22)
    Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has established itself as one of the key business process improvement strategies available to companies today. With roots based in the single strategies of Lean and Six Sigma, LSS offers a dual strategy ...

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