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  • Movement matters 

    Hansen, Lise Amy; Keay-Bright, Wendy; Lewis, Joel Gethin (2017-11-09)
    Movement is the human communicative tissue that weaves together our social anticipations and creative aspirations . When we consider movement as a fluid, dynamic process of transmission - from ...
  • Somability: movement, independence and social engagement for adults with complex needs 

    Keay-Bright, Wendy (2017-07-09)
    This paper will report on Somability, a project developed with a day centre for adults with complex disabilities. Objective: Somability uses camera and projection technologies to translate full body movement into ...
  • Stop making sense – Making the digital strange familiar through shared visualisations of kinesthesia 

    Keay-Bright, Wendy; Hansen, Lise Amy; Lewis, Joel Gethin (2017-09-10)
    Contemporary sensing technologies have the capacity to capture precise data through increasingly pre-calibrated representations, supporting powerful interventions that indicate how people should move. This alludes to an ...
  • Perform- Digital movement in the making 

    Hansen, Lise Amy; Keay-Bright, Wendy (AHO, 2017-06-15)
    Commercial sensor-based technologies offer efficient mechanisms for capturing detailed movement data today. These predetermined calibrations and representations are used to design solutions that indicate how people should ...
  • Shorelines: revealing experience in digital practice 

    Treadaway, Cathy (New Media Caucus, 2008-11)
    This paper presents on-going research investigating issues arising from a collaboration between two practitioners who combine digital technology and physical materials in their art making practice. It seeks to illuminate ...

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