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Cardiff School of Art and Design [2376]
Theses [371]
  • Highs and Lows of Sympathetic Neuro-cardiovascular Transduction: Influence of Altitude Acclimatization and Adaptation 

    Stembridge, Mike; Moore, Jonathan P.; Steinback, Craig D.; Berthelsen, Lindsey; Fraser, Graham; Simpson, Lydia; Vanden Berg, Emily; Busch, Stephen A.; Steele, Andrew R.; Meah, Victoria L.; Lawley, Justin; Figueroa-Mujica, Romulo; Vizcardo-Galindo, Gustavo; Villafuerte, Francisco; Gasho, Chris; Willie, Christopher; Tymko, Michael M.; Ainslie, Philip N. (American Physiological Society, 2020)
    High-altitude (>2500m) exposure results in increased muscle sympathetic nervous activity (MSNA) in acclimatizing lowlanders. However, little is known about how altitude affects MSNA in 66 indigenous high-altitude populations. ...
  • Stimulus-specific functional remodeling of the left ventricle in endurance and resistance-trained men 

    Dawkins, Tony; Curry, Bryony; Drane, Aimee L.; Lord, Rachel; Richards, Cory; Brown, Megan; Pugh, Christopher J. A.; Lodge, Freya; Yousef, Zaheer; Stembridge, Mike; Shave, Rob (American Physiological Society, 2020-09-01)
    Left ventricular (LV) structural remodeling following athletic training has been evidenced through training-specific changes in wall thickness and geometry. Whether the LV response to changes in hemodynamic load also adapts ...
  • Making Vegetables Desirable: Improving the Eating Habits of Wales’ Younger Generation 

    Gilmour, Alice (Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2020)
    Existing literature exposes poor eating habits and low vegetable consumption as rife amongst adolescents. Increased autonomy in relation to decision-making around food often follows the onset of secondary school education. ...
  • Robotic Chinese language tutor: personalising progress assessment and feedback or taking over your job? 

    Chew, Esyin; Ni Chua, Xin (Emerald, 2020-07-06)
    Purpose: The shortage of Chinese language teachers have been identified as a pressing issue globally. This paper aims to respond to the needs by investigating and designing the learning innovation with autonomous programmable ...
  • Personal response systems through the prism of students' experiences 

    Mishra, Deepti; Chew, Esyin; Ostrovska, Sofiya; Wong, Jojo (Wiley, 2020-07-13)
    Personal response systems (PRSs) today offer an opportunity to the field of education in terms of improving teaching and learning outcomes through active engagement in classrooms. The present paper investigates students' ...

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