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  • Psychometric Properties of an Italian Version of the Collective Efficacy Questionnaire for Sports 

    Santi, Giampaolo; Bruton, Adam; Pietrantoni; Wadey, Ross; Pietrantoni, Luca; Mellalieu, Stephen D. (Taylor & Francis, 2019)
    The Collective Efficacy Questionnaire for Sports (CEQS; Short, Sullivan, & Feltz, 2005) is a domain-specific instrument for the assessment of collective efficacy across interdependent team sports. This study evaluated the ...
  • Problems and Paradoxes of Painting and Perception 

    Pepperell, Robert (Brill Academic Publishers, 2019-09-11)
    This illustrated essay highlights some conceptual problems that arise when we consider the nature of visual perception and its relationship to art. Science proceeds on the assumption that natural phenomena operate rationally ...
  • Daily Deals in the Mediterranean Region: A Data Analytics Approach 

    Tomat, Luka; Bratec, Miha; Minor, Katarzyna Barbara; Budler, Marko (Middlesex University DubaiCardiff School of Management, 2019-02-01)
    Daily Deal (DD) websites have established themselves as an inventory distribution channel for hotels, yet they remain a largely underexplored topic in tourism. This paper seeks to provide insights into the nature of high-end ...
  • Left ventricular mechanics in late second trimester of healthy pregnancy 

    Meah, Victoria L.; Backx, Karianne; Cockcroft, John R.; Shave, Rob; Stöhr, Eric J. (Wiley, 2019-09-04)
    Objective: To evaluate left ventricular (LV) mechanics in the second trimester of healthy pregnancy and to determine the influence of underpinning hemodynamics (heart rate (HR), preload and afterload) on LV mechanics ...
  • Tackling concussion in professional rugby union: a case–control study of tackle-based risk factors and recommendations for primary prevention 

    Cross, Matthew; Tucker, Ross; Raftery, Martin; Hester, Ben; Williams, Sean; Stokes, Keith; Ranson, Craig; Mathema, Prav; Kemp, Simon (BMJ Publishing Group, 2017-10-11)
    Background/aim: Concussion, the most common injury in professional rugby union, occurs most commonly during the tackle. Thus, we investigated the association between tackle characteristics and concussion. Methods: 182 ...

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