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  • Speaker Park 

    Pigott, Jon (2019-03-09)
    Speaker Park was an internationally curated collaborative event combining the production of a unique, sculptural, multi-loudspeaker installation with two original and bespoke musical compositions. Jon Pigott’s ...
  • The Ceramophone 

    Pigott, Jon (2018)
    The Ceramophone (2018) by Jon Pigott and Ingrid Murphy is an interactive, kinetic piece of sound art comprising re-appropriated and bespoke electronics and ceramics. The piece forms part of Murphy and Pigott’s ongoing ...
  • The use of the arts to encourage reflection in the dental professions — A commentary 

    Lewis, Jeff; Jack, Kirsten (Wiley, 2018-07-01)
    Reflective practice is viewed internationally as an important activity within the dental professions and one which the General Dental Council expects to be part of all dental technician programmes in the United Kingdom ...
  • Older patients' experiences and perceptions of having their wounds treated with medical-grade honey 

    Seckam, Abdul; Mercer, Jenny (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2018-08-08)
    Ancient remedies in wound care have been used for millennia and are now being rediscovered; in particular, the use of honey. The purpose of this study was to capture and explore the meanings that participants assign to ...
  • Impact of arts participation on children’s achievement: A systematic literature review 

    Jindal-Snape, Divya; Davies, Dan; Scott, Rosalind; Robb, Anna; Murray, Chris; Harkins, Chris (Elsevier, 2018-06-23)
    This paper reports on a systematic literature review to examine the association between children and young people’s participation in arts activities and their academic achievement. The 24 studies that met our criteria for ...

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