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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine modulates inflammatory functions of monocytic cells independently of mitogen activated protein kinasesTonks, Alex; Morris, Keith; Price, A.J.; Thomas, Andrew; Jones, Ken; Jackson, S.K.
2008DPPC regulates COX-2 expression in monocytes via phosphorylation of CREBMorris, Keith; Tonks, Amanda J.; Jones, Ken; Ahluwalia, Maninder; Thomas, Andrew; Tonks, Alex; Jackson, S.K.
2010The effect of Conjugated Linoleic Acid and its 9:11 and 10:12 isomers on the inflamatory profiles on monocytic / macrophage and endothelial cell systemsMorris, Keith; Rushmere, Neil; Jones, Ken; Al-Muharrami, Khalid
2010The effect of PPAR-Gamma Ligands on Monocyte PolarisationMorris, Keith; Jones, Ken; Yakeu, Gertrude
2005The effect of surfactant phospholipids on mucus hypersecretion in stimulated lung epithelial cellsJones, Ken; Jackson, S.K.; Caillon, Fabienne
2010Exercise-induced immunosuppression: roles of reactive oxygen species and 5-AMP-activated protein kinase dephosphorylation within immune cellsMoir, Hannah; Hughes, Michael G.; Potter, Stephen; Sims, Craig; Butcher, Lee; Davies, Nia; Verheggen, Kenneth; Jones, Ken; Thomas, Andrew; Webb, Richard
2009Expression and activation of the 5'AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in exercising and energy-depleted cells: an investigation into the molecular basis underpinning exercise-induced immunosuppressionJones, Ken; Hughes, Michael G.; Moir, Hannah Jayne
2003Honey stimulates inflammatory cytokine production from monocytesTonks, Amanda J.; Cooper, Rose; Jones, Ken; Blair, S.; Parton, J.; Tonks, Alex
2011Immunoendocrine responses over a three week international rugby union seriesJones, Ken; Cunniffe, B.; Hore, A. J.; Whitcombe, D. M.; Davies, B.; Baker, J. S.
2004In vitro tests for the diagnosis of aspirin and salicylate sensitivityJones, Ken; Thomas, Andrew; Al-Ketheree, Zainab A.N.
1993Inhalation challenge in pigeon breeder's disease: BAL fluid changes after 6 hoursReynolds, S.P.; Jones, Ken; Edwards, J.H.; Davies, B.H.
1-Jul-2004Longitudinal study of sensitization to natural rubber latex among dental school students using powder-free glovesJones, Ken; Rolf, Sharon; Stingl, C.; Edmunds, D.; Davies, B.H.
2007Managing the potential public health risks from bioaerosol liberation at commercial composting sites in the UK: An analysis of the evidence baseSykes, Peter; Jones, Ken; Wildsmith, John D.
2013The natural history of eczema from birth to adult life: a cohort studyJones, Ken; Ingram, J.R.; Hand, S.; Dunstan, F.D.J.; Burr, M.L.
2007Polymorphism in the STAT6 gene encodes risk for nut allergyJones, Ken; Amoli, M M; Hajeer, A H; Hand, S
1-May-2003Regulation of platelet-activating factor synthesis in human monocytes by dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholineTonks, Amanda J.; Tonks, Alex; Morris, Keith; Jones, Ken; Jackson, S.K.
2001The role of surfactant phospholipids in the modulation of tumour necrosis factor-α production by monocytesJones, Ken; Jackson, S.K.; Morris, Keith
1-Sep-2004Skin Prick Testing in Combination with Serum IgE and Clinical History Are Adequate: A Case Control StudyRolf, Sharon; Hand, S.; Jones, Ken; Stingl, C.
2005Surfactant phospholipid DPPC downregulates monocyte respiratory burst via modulation of PKCTonks, Alex; Parton, J.; Tonks, Amanda J.; Morris, Keith; Finall, A.; Jones, Ken; Jackson, S.K.
2011Workers’ exposure to dust, endotoxin and β-(1–3) glucan at four large-scale composting facilitiesSykes, Peter; Morris, Keith; Allen, J.A.; Wildsmith, John D.; Jones, Ken
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