WIRAD is Wales’s premier Art & Design research institution and by building on the research excellence and talent that Wales possesses aims to be an internationally significant player in the Art & Design research field. The WIRAD partnership includes Art & Design Researchers at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, University of South Wales, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum of Wales.

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  • Problems and Paradoxes of Painting and Perception 

    Pepperell, Robert (Brill Academic Publishers, 2019-09-11)
    This illustrated essay highlights some conceptual problems that arise when we consider the nature of visual perception and its relationship to art. Science proceeds on the assumption that natural phenomena operate rationally ...
  • Geometry vs Realism: an exploration of visual immersion in a synthetic reality space 

    Lawrence, Abbie; Loudon, Gareth; Gill, Steve; Pepperell, Robert; Baldwin, Joe (2019-09-03)
    With the broader aim of using a synthetic reality environment to improve and develop packaging designs for Welsh food Small-Medium Enterprises (SME), two studies were undertaken in a simulated environment to explore the ...
  • Zoe Preece: Pacing the Perimeter 

    Mayo, Natasha (Mansfield Ceramics, 2019-04)
    An artist’s studio reflects a kind of human geography, a social mapping of space as important to them as the doors and walls of the architecture itself. This is what Edward Soja terms as a ‘Third Space’, a rather brilliant ...
  • The Effect of Mechanical Overloading on Surface Roughness of the Coronary Arteries 

    Burton, Hanna; Espino, Daniel (Hindawi, 2019-01-23)
    Background. Surface roughness can be used to identify disease within biological tissues. Quantifying surface roughness in the coronary arteries aids in developing treatments for coronary heart disease. This study investigates ...
  • Co-design, evaluation and the Northern Ireland Innovation Lab 

    Whicher, Anna; Crick, Tom (Taylor and Francis, 2019-04-11)
    Around the world there are more than 100 policy labs—multi-disciplinary government teams developing public services and policies using innovation methods to engage citizens and stakeholders. These policy labs use a range ...
  • Assessing Manufacturing SMEs’ Readiness to Implement Service Design 

    Teso, Giulia; Walters, Andrew (Elsevier, 2016-06-13)
    This paper presents the initial results of a wider research project that investigates how service design might positively contribute to the development of product-service systems within manufacturing small to medium sized ...
  • A Review of Design Support Programmes in the European Union Countries 

    Swiatek, Piotr; Whicher, Anna (The Design Society, 2016-05-16)
    No abstract available.
  • Imaging human vision: an artistic perspective 

    Pepperell, Robert (Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2017-01-29)
    The purpose of artistic practice has frequently been to translate human visual experience into pictures. By viewing these pictures we can retrospectively share something of the world the artist saw, and the way he or she ...
  • Natural Perspective: Mapping Visual Space with Art and Science 

    Burleigh, Alistair; Pepperell, Robert; Ruta, Nicole (MDPI, 2018-05-07)
    Following its discovery in fifteenth-century Italy, linear perspective has often been hailed as the most accurate method of projecting three-dimensional visual space onto a two-dimensional picture plane. However, when we ...
  • Comparative analysis of structure and hardness of cast and direct metal laser sintering produced Co-Cr alloys used for dental devices 

    Lapcevic, Ana; Jevremovic, Danimir; Puskar, Tatjana; Williams, Robert; Eggbeer, Dominic (Emerald, 2016-01-18)
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyse structure and measure hardness of Co-Cr dental alloy samples made with two different technologies, conventional casting method (CCM samples) and additive direct metal laser ...
  • Food for Thought: A research-led approach to improved Welsh food industry competitiveness 

    Lawrence, Abbie; Gill, Steve; Pepperell, Robert; Loudon, Gareth (2019-06-27)
  • Simulated Environments for Food Packaging Design Assessment 

    Lawrence, Abbie; Loudon, Gareth; Gill, Steve; Baldwin, Joe (2019-06-27)
    Using applied retail research, the purpose of this study is to evaluate the viability of using a simulated environment to conduct packaging design validation tests in order to gain deep insights into the ways in which ...
  • Integrating ideas from design disciplines into the STEM curricula 

    Loudon, Gareth (Taylor & Francis, 2019)
    The ‘Future of Jobs’ report from the World Economic Forum (2016) highlights that the three most important skills needed by the workforce from 2020 onwards are complex problem solving skills, critical thinking and creativity. ...
  • ‘I’ve drawn, like, someone who was the world’: drawings as embodied gestures of lived yoga experience 

    Stewart, Carly; Woodward, Martyn; Gough, Rochelle (Taylor & Francis, 2019-03-25)
    There have been strong calls to develop the study of sensory embodied scholarship in sport and physical culture that is open for all academic fields to consider. Work so far relies largely upon the sensory intelligence of ...
  • Nowhere man: John Lennon and spectral liminality 

    Davies, Cath (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013)
    Cath Davies examines the posthumous representation of John Lennon. Where the majority of deceased celebrities are embalmed within comforting discourses that sustain their alive-ness, Lennon, Davies suggests, is different. ...
  • Smells like teen spirit: Channelling subcultural traditions in contemporary Dr Martens branding 

    Davies, Cath (Sage, 2014-02-03)
    In 2012, the Dr Martens footwear company announced profits of £22 million with a 230% rise in sales from 2011–2012. In the light of this achievement, this paper will investigate the ideologies behind recent marketing ...
  • What lies beneath: Fabric and embodiment in Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In 

    Davies, Cath (Ingenta, 2017-06-01)
    This article investigates discourses about fabric and embodiment in Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In (2011). The aim of the study is to consider how the film’s narrative and mise-en-scène positions fabric as an expression ...
  • The poetics of the fragment 

    Cazeaux, Clive (Wales in Venice, 2019-05-24)
    Installation art has two defining features. The first is that it requires the experience of the viewer or visitor for its completion. This is on the understanding that what is offered in an installation is distributed in ...
  • From insignificance to significance 

    Cazeaux, Clive (Bloomsbury, 2020-02-01)
    Through a series of artworks, the name ‘Martin Creed’ leads us to a position where the concept of what counts as an object of attention cannot be taken for granted. We find ourselves in a context where any minute, ordinarily ...
  • Art, philosophy and the connectivity of concepts 

    Cazeaux, Clive (Taylor and Francis, 2019-05-01)
    In the history of philosophy, concepts are traditionally pictured as discrete containers that bring together objects or qualities based on the possession of shared, uniform properties. This paper focuses on a contrasting ...

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