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dc.contributor.authorBibb, Richarden_UK
dc.contributor.authorHughes, C Wen_UK
dc.contributor.authorPage, Ken_UK
dc.contributor.authorTaylor, Jen_UK
dc.identifier.citation41(1), pp.50-53en_UK
dc.description.abstractThis research was part of the work carried out by the Medical Applications Group of PDR into the application of advanced design techniques in reconstructive surgery, in particular the use of computer-aided design and rapid prototyping techniques in head and neck surgery. This article reported on collaborative research undertaken between Frenchay Hospital and PDR-MAG in the application of advanced design techniques in medicine. This research involved exploiting product design techniques to repairing fractures to the bones that support the eyes, which requires precision if eyesight is to be restored perfectly. The techniques developed and described in this paper show how appropriate use of design technologies can aid in the design and manufacture of an artificial implant that will fit the individual patient precisely and restore function and vision with an operation that has reduced risks and is quicker to undertake. PDR-MAG’s contribution to this research first involved using specialist computer-aided design software to evaluate a number of different sets of Computed Tomography (CT) scan data to see which CT parameters led to the optimum three-dimensional reconstruction from the data. Secondly, the methods of transferring this data and utilising it in order to produce the best possible physical model by stereolithography were explored. This led to a better understanding of the utilisation of these design technologies for the reconstruction of the orbital anatomy. This understanding has subsequently been applied to many cases of orbital floor reconstruction resulting in better outcomes and better recommendations for radiographers and surgeons. PDR-MAG has continued to collaborate on challenging cases with Frenchay Hospital.en_UK
dc.relation.ispartofseriesBritish Journal of Oral & Maxiofacial Surgeryen_UK
dc.titleThe custom-made titanium orbital floor prosthesis in reconstruction for orbital floor fracturesen_UK

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