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dc.contributor.authorWadey, Ross
dc.contributor.authorDay, Melissa
dc.contributor.authorHowells, Karen
dc.identifier.citationWadey, R., Day, M., & Howells, K., (2020). Taking stock and making hay: Growth following adversity research in applied sport psychology. In R. Wadey, M. Day, & K. Howells (Eds.). Growth Following Adversity: A Mechanism to Positive Change in Sport. Routledge, pp. 257-274en_US
dc.description.abstractIn this chapter we take stock of growth following adversity research in sport (i.e., first-wave research) with the goal of illuminating its strengths and shortcomings and suggesting how the strengths might be harnessed and the shortcomings alleviated to inform future work (i.e., second-wave research). The shift from first- to second-wave research involves moving from: (a) intradisciplinary to multi/inter/transdisciplinary research, (b) narrow to diverse pathways to growth, and (c) uncritical to critical considerations. We believe this shift will mature this field of research and help to support the evolving objectives of applied sport psychology.en_US
dc.titleTaking Stock and Making Hay: Growth Following Adversity Research in Applied Sport Psychologyen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US

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