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dc.contributor.authorCole, Stuarten_US
dc.description.abstractDesign for Competition Client: The Toshiba competition’s aim was to develop a possible product utilising the World's smallest hard drive (manufactured by Toshiba) as the key component. The competition was judged on aesthetics and final marketability. Aim: PDR's aim was to develop a product concept for a versatile, easy to use, functional and cost effective hard drive digital camera that would utilise the World's smallest hard drive. PDR designed a digital camera with two key elements. Firstly, a fabricated aluminium chassis to carry and protect the internal components, designed in aluminium in an anodized finish to offer a range of colours and textures. The second element was the construction of the camera body in a variety of materials (wood, leather, fabrics, etc.) which are not traditionally used in consumer electronics products. This approach offered the user a more diverse range of tactile experiences. The materials were selected for their aesthetic properties and their ability to improve and enhance with age, again a unique feature for a product such as this. The intention was that the camera would become more personalised as it aged with the user thus developing unique characteristics and patina enhancing the perceived value to the user. The overall concept was to break away from simple mono colour plastic injection moulded cases, to cases that are personal to the user and evolve with use, thus giving the user memories beyond the images that the camera captures. Recognition: PDR’s Design was 'Highly Commended' by Toshiba (350 entries from 31 Countries).en_US
dc.titleAbsorb: digital camera concept for Toshiba competitionen_US

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