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dc.contributor.authorCole, Stuarten_US
dc.identifier.citation, pp.en_US
dc.description.abstractProduct Design for Manufacture. Client: Develops and manufactures nasal and sinus care products for the treatment of sinonasal symptoms. The company is the sole distributor of the Nasal Spa® nasal douche, supplying pharmacies and hospitals. Aim: To research, design and develop a new nasal douche product capable of being launched into the consumer market. PDR researched existing markets, and the products, to develop a design brief that achieved two things: a radical redesign of the product to appeal to a wide range of consumers; and, a dramatic reduction in product cost. PDR developed the concept, detailed design and is assisting in implementing the product into manufacture. PDR designed and developed an ergonomic bottle with an intuitively correct grip and a pump action to release the nasal cleansing solution. The bottle's aesthetics were designed to look less function and medicinal in order to appeal to a wider customer base, in line the expanding personal grooming care market. The product cost was reduced by 66% (through part reduction and optimisation of design for manufacture) making the product more attractive and feasible in the consumer market. The developed product is an easy to use and maintain product that has enabled the business to expand and gain market share. Nasal Spa® has increased the company's product portfolio and diversified the company’s customer base to include the medical market and the personal grooming market, thus increasing the potential customer base. Recognition: Won 2007: 'iF' Product Design Awarden_US
dc.titleNasal Spa®: Nasal douche bottle for cleansing the nasal cavityen_US

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