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dc.identifier.citationCentre of the Creative Universe: Liverpool and the Avant-Garde, pp.56-81en_US
dc.description.abstract'Centre of the Creative Universe' was a major exhibition that offered a unique account of Liverpool’s art scene over the past fifty years. Moving from the immediate post-war period to the present, the exhibition explored how the city has inspired nationally and internationally renowned artists to create an external view of Liverpool and its people. Liverpool is considered as a world city with an enduring capacity to inspire creative acts. Alongside artworks that chart the city’s rise as a centre of the 1960s global pop revolution, the exhibition explores how Liverpool has also inspired documentary photography, politically motivated art and hosted avant-garde movements from Pop to Conceptual Art and beyond. 'In Camera: Stories from the City' is the essay for the book that accompanied the exhibition. It reflected on selective uses of photography as art, science, documentary, photojournalism and advertising, to reveal the range of photographic cultures in the city and links between the historical and contemporary. For example, connections between early uses of photography in publishing as part of critiques of industrialization were made with more recent art commentaries on the alienating effects of the modern work place; advertising, studio and vernacular portraiture considered in relation to picturing strategies of contemporary artists working photography. The essay selectively situated the work of recent artists and documentary photographers as part of the diverse fabric of photographic cultures that operated within the city from the 1840s to date. The essay is connected with other published work exploring the aesthetics of the document, documentary aesthetics and urban space. For example, the essay 'A Matter of Fact: The Rhetoric of Documentary 'Style', for the book 'FABULA', (ISBN 0 948489 22 7), and 'On Being a Tourist', for 'Up in the Air, Liverpool': LHAT & Year of the Artist, 2000.en_US
dc.publisherLiverpool University Press & Tate Liverpoolen_US
dc.titleIn Camera: Stories from the Cityen_US

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