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dc.identifier.citation17 (1), pp.1-11en_US
dc.description.abstractThe article relates to an invited contribution the author made to the Council of Europe’s deliberations towards a policy for the support of "cultural work in the age of convergence". The article challenges the Council’s failure to consider the convergence of art and technology. Using the Newport art school as a case study, the article shows how contemporary art education was attempting to bridge between new developments in technology and aspects of traditional creative culture. It argues against the view that Higher Education can be entirely delivered on-line, but questions the ability of conventional universities to respond quickly enough to contemporary challenges. The material in the article was extended and developed from an earlier presentation reported in Council of Europe: Proceedings of the Council of Europe Conference on Cultural Work in the Information Society. Strasbourg, Council of Europe.en_US
dc.publisherAI & Societyen_US
dc.titleConvergence, the university of the future and the future of the universityen_US

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