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dc.description.abstractIn January 2005, the Valley and Vale Community Arts in Wales invited ten women to produce and present short films exploring the relationship and differences between their lives and that of mothers. The project then evolved to include some of the ideas and questions that I have been interested in exploring through my film practice. This project gave me the chance to explore the new possibilities offered by new technology where the technical aspects of filmmaking no longer present an overwhelming threat in making moving images. I found this project as a challenge in the process of documenting and producing [counter] images from a personal point of view as opposed to having someone else dictate the agenda for a film about my mother and me. Central to this process was the notion of representing and narrating the 'self'. My personal memories and my mother’s photos are all I have left; I wanted to use these to explore the notion of self-representation and personal storytelling within the context and broader theme of auto-video narratives. In the process of narrating myself in relation to my memories of my late mother, I became anxious about what to reveal. I wanted to find a way to vocalise and document these memories, the pain of not being present at her funeral and questions and issues surrounding her life and death. I also wanted to explore the notion of identity construction, subjectivity and objectivity, and memory in the 'First person film' in the process of narrating aspects of the 'private self' for the 'public'. Public Screenings: NATIONAL MUSEUM AND GALLERIES OF WALES, CARDIFF, MARCH 2005 REAL LIFE DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL GHANA, June 2007.en_US
dc.titleMy Mother: Isangeen_US

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