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dc.contributor.authorJason Hesteren_US
dc.identifier.citation, pp.en_US
dc.description.abstractProduct Design for Manufacture Aim: PDR was initially commissioned to design and manufacture prototype mechanisms to be attached to existing fibreglass boards for testing the Ski Rider concept on a ski slope. Following successful evaluation, PDR were asked to aesthetically enhance the design and produce graphical treatments for the Ski Rider brand. Following acceptance of these designs, the client commissioned PDR to produce the parts necessary to build 10 Ski Riders. Ski Rider is an innovative piece of sports equipment designed for winter sports, resembling a foldable ski-scooter/snowboard with a steering facility created by a secondary smaller front ski. It has built in suspension and adjustability for various height individuals, and a disengagement feature enabling it to be folded flat for transportation. The innovative feature of Ski-Rider is its inclusive design, in particular the design significantly reduces impact on the user's joints (especially knees and hips) compared to traditional ski and snow-boarding equipment. This opens new markets by allowing people with minor joint problems to enjoy winter sports. Ski Rider gained industry certification, with the product being approved by the Whistler resort in Canada, which is renowned as having the highest safety standards in the world. Recognition Ski Rider featured on 'The Big Idea', a television programme screened on 'Sky One', aimed at discovering the next great British invention. Ski Rider was selected to partake from a series of regional competitions, winning the programme’s third episode and progressing to the final. Ski Rider, as specified by one of the judges on The Big Idea 'changes the market place for sports equipment' and came runner up overall. The product had significant impact in the media and was featured in BBC News ( Ski Rider is the only new product to be approved by the Whistler resort, Canada.en_US
dc.titleSki Rideren_US

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