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dc.contributor.authorJason Hesteren_US
dc.identifier.citation, pp.en_US
dc.description.abstractProduct Design for Manufacture Client: The client designs and manufactures electronics for fire detection systems which are mounted in purchased 'off the shelf' cabinets. The client has a history of electronic innovation, having developed the first piezo fire alarm sounder that is now the industry standard. The client wanted a flagship enclosure for their new product. Aim: The client required a highly aesthetic control panel to house pioneering fire detection technology employed in large installations such as hospitals, hotels and prestige office blocks. Traditionally, large fire protection panels have had an unappealing appearance and are therefore placed out of sight so as not to detract from the visual appearance of a particular space. PDR was required to design a control panel that was easy to use, able to withstand heavy installation abuse and have the highest aesthetic values. PDR designed and developed a high-end appearance control panel with interchangeable panels that would enable architects to incorporate the product into a building's visual schemata. The new product, Quadnet, was designed in a range of aesthetic finishes with high cosmetic standards, including exotic woods, marbles, steels, etc. The modular design of Quadnet allows for visual variation, quick disassembly and separation of materials for ease of recycling. The design of a fire control panel that was in itself aesthetic and did not either detract from its environment or require hiding was an original concept and the resulting design has made a significant impact in the sector as shown by international design award. Recognition Won 2006: 'Red Dot’ Product Design Award.en_US
dc.titleQuadnet: Fire Control Panelen_US

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