Publications produced by staff working at the Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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  • Centre for Applied Research in Inclusive Arts and Design (CARIAD) [81]

    CARIAD researchers put people at the heart of design. The mulit-disciplinary team works in a fast-emerging field in which the arts contribute to health, wellbeing, social inclusion and healthcare practice across a range ...
  • FabCre8 [29]

    FabCr8 is a new, multi-disciplinary research and enterprise group based in Cardiff School of Art & Design with an interest in emerging technologies
  • Fovolab [38]

    Fovolab aspires to push the boundaries of understanding perceptual experience – how we perceive and are aware of the world.
  • Metatechnicity [31]

    A Doctoral and Postdoctoral Humanities based research community that supports interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research spanning Art & Design, Technology and the Sciences
  • Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment group (SuRBe) [72]

    The overarching aims of the Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment (SuRBe) Research Group are to augment the sustainability and resilience of the built environment, improve occupant quality of life and adapt to, and ...
  • User Centred Design [75]

    The UCD research group is a collaboration between CSAD and PDR with a shared interest in the importance of the prototype as a focus around which ethnographical research methods can be deployed in design praxis.

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