Publications produced by staff working at the Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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  • Centre for Applied Research in Inclusive Arts and Design (CARIAD) [83]

    CARIAD researchers put people at the heart of design. The mulit-disciplinary team works in a fast-emerging field in which the arts contribute to health, wellbeing, social inclusion and healthcare practice across a range ...
  • FabCre8 [30]

    FabCr8 is a new, multi-disciplinary research and enterprise group based in Cardiff School of Art & Design with an interest in emerging technologies
  • Fovolab [41]

    Fovolab aspires to push the boundaries of understanding perceptual experience – how we perceive and are aware of the world.
  • Metatechnicity [33]

    A Doctoral and Postdoctoral Humanities based research community that supports interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research spanning Art & Design, Technology and the Sciences
  • Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment group (SuRBe) [72]

    The overarching aims of the Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment (SuRBe) Research Group are to augment the sustainability and resilience of the built environment, improve occupant quality of life and adapt to, and ...
  • User Centred Design [78]

    The UCD research group is a collaboration between CSAD and PDR with a shared interest in the importance of the prototype as a focus around which ethnographical research methods can be deployed in design praxis.

Recent submissions

  • Fashion, Sustainability, and the Anthropocene 

    Brooks, Andrew; Fletcher, Kate; Francis, Robert A.; Rigby, Emma; Roberts, Thomas (Penn State University Press, 2017-12-01)
    The unbridled consumption of clothing threatens the environment. A discussion is developing around the adoption of new materials and economic models to reduce the impacts of clothing production and use. We discuss these ...
  • Garment Quality and Sustainability: A User Based Approach 

    Connor-Crabb, Anja; Rigby, Emma (Taylor & Francis, 2019-11-07)
    This paper explores the role played by female perceptions of garment quality in relation to how long clothing is kept and how it is used. It considers perceptions of quality in relation to implications for sustainability ...
  • The Importance of Presencing in Creativity 

    Loudon, Gareth (Trifoss Business Press, 2020)
    Creativity needs to thrive inside and across organisations to help address the major global challenges we face. We review some key findings from creativity research and present a new model for creativity where the ideas ...
  • Participatory Design Research of Vegetable-based Snack Products with Adolescent Participants 

    Gilmour, Alice; Gill, Steve; Loudon, Gareth (The Design Society, 2020-08-26)
    The childhood obesity epidemic is often attributed to the widespread marketing of High Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) foods. Currently, there is a lack of vegetable-based New Product Development (NPD) targeting adolescent ...
  • Slow Looking at Slow Art: the Work of Pierre Bonnard 

    Chamberlain, Rebecca; Pepperell, Robert (MIT Press, 2020)
    Slow looking is an increasingly prevalent strategy for enhancing visitor engagement in the gallery, yet there is little research to show why looking at artworks for longer should be beneficial. The curator of a recent ...
  • Neuroscience and Posthuman Memory 

    Pepperell, Robert (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)
    In the early 1980s a remarkable piece of evidence was uncovered about the importance of the brain in our everyday conscious life, but it has not been widely discussed since. At that time a young man was given one of the ...
  • Improvements in and relating to image making 

    Pepperell, Robert; Burleigh, Alistair (United States Patent Application, 2015-12-17)
    A method of making an image of a scene (including a scene made by the method) generally corresponding to that perceived by the human brain via the human eyes, the method including the steps, in any Suitable order, of ...
  • Compassionate Design: a methodology for advanced dementia 

    Treadaway, Cathy; Fennell, Jac; Taylor, Aidan (Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University, 2020-07-01)
    Predicted increases in the numbers of people living into the advanced stages of dementia pose a significant problem for health and care providers around the world. Finding ways to ameliorate the distressing dementia symptoms ...
  • Design for dementia: Making spaces for uncertainty 

    Fennell, Jac; Treadaway, Cathy; Kenning, Gail (Centre for Design Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology, 2017-12-04)
    This paper presents research undertaken as part of the LAUGH project to explore design processes and design of hand held playful objects for people living with advanced dementia. A series of six co-design ...
  • 01101110 : An Audiovisual Installation Based on the Cellular Automaton Rule 110 

    Kontogeorgakopoulos, Alexandros; Klissouras, Odysseas (SMC - Sound and Music Computing Network, 2020-06-24)
    This paper presents and discusses in depth an interactive audiovisual installation created by the authors. The title of the work, 01101110, corresponds to the number 110 and refers to the Cellular Automaton (CA) Rule ...
  • Multisensory instrumental dynamics as an emergent paradigm for digital musical creation 

    Leonard, James; Villeneuve, Jérôme; Kontogeorgakopoulos, Alexandros (Springer, 2020-07-07)
    The nature of human/instrument interaction is a long-standing area of study, drawing interest from fields as diverse as philosophy, cognitive sciences, anthropology, human–computer-interaction, and artistic creation. In ...
  • Young Adolescents' Experiences and Views on Eating and Food 

    Gilmour, Alice; Gill, Steve; Loudon, Gareth (Emerald, 2020-08-31)
    Purpose – Poor eating habits established during adolescence are likely to lead to negative long-term health consequences. The childhood obesity epidemic is a growing public health concern, largely attributed to obesogenic ...
  • Making HUGs: crafting wellbeing benefits through social manufacturing 

    Taylor, Aidan; Treadaway, Cathy; Fennell, Jac; Davies, Menai Sian (Intellect, 2020-12-01)
    New approaches to manufacturing that engage groups of individuals in collaborative making have the potential not only to generate economic benefit, but also to enhance the wellbeing of those involved. This article ...
  • Water resource management in the context of a non-potable water reuse case study in arid climate 

    Seguela, Geraldine; Littlewood, John; Karani, George (Springer, 2020-06-01)
    This study evaluates an existing non-potable water system serving outdoor services for a medical facility case study (MFCS) in Abu Dhabi (AD), United Arab Emirates, using mixed methods research to identify water demand ...
  • An Evaluation of Offsite Timber Frame Manufacturer’s in Wales, UK 

    Zaccaro, Francesco; Littlewood, John; Lancashire, Robin; Newman, Gary; Hedges, D. (Springer, 2019-10-27)
    The Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship two (KESS2) doctoral project undertaken by the first author has contributed research towards work package 4 (WP4) of the Home-Grown Homes project (HGHP), focused on disrupting the ...
  • Building Performance Assessment Protocol for Timber Dwellings – Conducting Thermography Tests on Live Construction sites 

    Littlewood, John; Waldron, D.; Newman, Gary; Hedges, D.; Zaccaro, Francesco (Springer, 2019-10-27)
    This paper introduces the pan-Wales (UK) Home-Grown Homes (HGH) project (2018 to 2020) which focusses on three areas of improvement for delivering high performance, affordable and healthy homes. The HGH project is funded ...
  • Developing management guidance for Government funded dwelling retrofit schemes to improve occupant quality of life 

    Jahic, Denis; Littlewood, John; Karani, George; Thomas, Andrew; Atkinson, Joanne; Kirrane, J. (Springer, 2019-10-27)
    This paper discusses a methodology for gathering empirical data on occupant views that live in dwellings retrofitted under the Arbed two scheme in wales, UK, and also the views of stakeholder’s that delivered and managed ...
  • Active Buildings in Practice 

    Clarke, Joanna; Jones, Paul; Littlewood, John; Worsley, Dave (Springer, 2019-10-27)
    This paper discusses the development and validation of a new Code of Practice for the design of Active Buildings, which will be the main output from a Professional Doctorate in the Sustainable Built Environment (D.SBE) ...
  • Holistic Dwelling Energy Assessment Protocol for Mine-water District Heat Network 

    Littlewood, John; Philip, B.; Evans, Nick; Radford, R.; Whyman, Anthony; Jones, P. (Springer, 2019-10-27)
    UK buildings and energy infrastructures are heavily dependent on natural gas, and a large proportion is used for domestic space heating; but 50% is imported. Improving energy security and reducing carbon emissions are major ...
  • Using the Perceptual Experience Laboratory (PEL) to simulate tourism environments for hedonic wellbeing 

    Baldwin, Joseph; Haven-Tang, Claire; Gill, Steve; Morgan, Nigel; Pritchard, Annette (Springer, 2020-05-30)
    Measuring the relationship between stress, mood and tourism in natural settings is problematic in terms of the ability to undertake detailed, systematic and accurate monitoring. This paper presents the results of a ...

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