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  • Art, energy and the brain 

    Pepperell, Robert (Elsevier, 2018-05-18)
    Recent years have seen a growing interest among neuroscientists and vision scientists in art and aesthetics, exemplifying a more general trend towards interdisciplinary integration in the arts, humanities and sciences. ...
  • The Making of a Maker Space 

    Murphy, Ingrid (UCL IOE Press, 2018-10-01)
  • Electromagnetic Interrogations (2011-2014) 

    Pigott, Jon (2017)
    Electromagnetic Interrogations (2011 - 2014) is a kinetic sound work which interrogates the electromagnetic radiation given off by three dismantled but still operative compact disc (CD) players, mounted upon plinths. ...
  • The Syn-Tea-Syzer 

    Murphy, Ingrid; Pigott, Jon (2017)
  • The Captains Teapot 

    Pigott, Jon; Murphy, Ingrid (2015)
  • A new paradigm in cross-disciplinary undergraduate art and design education 

    Wilgeroth, Paul (The Design Society, 2016)
    In 2010, against a background of rising student complaints, the staff at Cardiff School of Art & Design (CSAD) decided to review its undergraduate provision. The findings of that review revealed that the school had ...
  • Creativity in product design education: Understanding the learning environment 

    Alhussain, Danah; Loudon, Gareth; Wilgeroth, Paul (The Design Society, 2016-09-08)
    This paper examines current research into the relationship between creativity and the immediate physical environment, and how it has been found to influence the creativity of undergraduate product design students. This ...
  • Beyond Facture 

    Murphy, Ingrid (2017-02-15)
    Material arts, craft-based practices, digital processes and technological constructs influence, support and affect each other in multiple possible ways, each with their own historical lineage and associated aspirations ...
  • Meta-Making and Me 

    Murphy, Ingrid (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017)
    The position of ceramics within contemporary society is an example of meta - modernity at its finest, it is a field in a perpetual state of oscillation and plurality. Depending on your perspective, ceramics ...
  • Material Systems as Art Practice and Method 

    Pigott, Jon (2016-08-31)
    This paper will report on an art practice based research project that takes the idea of ‘material systems’ to explore electromechanical sound art. By focussing on intersections between the mid 1960s revival in kinetic ...
  • Electromechanical Perspectives of Sound and Music 

    Pigott, Jon (2016-04-15)
    From a technological necessity in projects like the Telharmonium, to a creative opportunity enjoyed by current sound installation artists, the electromechanical condition is a mainstay of electronic and experimental music ...
  • Aliveness machines, shadows and undercurrents: experimental data-activated sculptural works 

    Lyons, Antony; Pigott, Jon (2014-08-27)
    The concept of the 'Aliveness Machines' emerged from a landscape-based artist residency, conducted by Lyons and Pigott throughout 2012, within the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Tasked with working in and around the ...
  • Shadows, undercurrents and the Aliveness Machines 

    Pigott, Jon; Lyons, Antony (Routledge, 2017)
  • Across Fields: Sound, art and technology from an electromechanical perspective 

    Pigott, Jon (Cambridge University Press, 2017-07-12)
    This article follows electromechanical technologies through different contexts of electronic and experimental music, sound art and kinetic art as well as through parts of their industrial development and application. The ...
  • The Campanologists Teacup: A Creative Collaboration of Technology and Making 

    Murphy, Ingrid; Pigott, Jon (Plymouth College of Art, 2016)
    This paper explores intersections of technology, making and material process in ways that go beyond the current paradigm of digital fabrication techniques and craft practice, through an artists report on a collaborative ...
  • Fovography: A naturalistic imaging media 

    Burleigh, Alistair; Pepperell, Robert; Ruta, Nicole (IEEE, 2018-01-11)
    The aim of our research is to improve the way visual experience is depicted in imaging media by increasing the naturalism of the media. Numerous technical methods for depicting the visual world currently exist. Most of ...
  • Natural media workshop 

    Smith, C.; Rasool, J.; Lambert, Nick; Pepperell, Robert; Langford, T.; Veltman, K. (BCS Chartered Institute for IT, 2017-07-11)
    This workshop will examine what our current imaging and sensing technologies do to our perception. We will examine, using practical examples, the potential to develop more 'Natural Media’ and technologies by broadening the ...
  • As Seen: Modern British Painting and Visual Experience 

    Pepperell, Robert; Hughes, Louise (Tate, 2015)
    During the twentieth century several important British artists began to paint features of visual experience rarely ever painted before, including subjective curvature, double vision and the body seen from the first person ...
  • A methodology for verified energy savings in manufacturing facilities through changes in operational behaviour 

    Cosgrove, John; Doyle, Frank; O'Neill, Mike; Littlewood, John; Wilgeroth, Paul (European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 2016)
    The manufacturing industry is increasingly accountable for the environmental impact resulting from its activities. Manufacturing operations design has shifted from a traditional strictly cost and quality approach to more ...

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