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dc.identifier.citationDesign Research: Methods and Perspectives, pp.129-132en_US
dc.description.abstractThe tools of design research, writes Brenda Laurel, will allow designers "to claim and direct the power of their profession." Often neglected in the various curricula of design schools, the new models of design research described in this book help designers to investigate people, form, and process in ways that can make their work more potent and more delightful. As a contribution to a core text on design research this book chapter presents a manifesto on game form with the intent of illustrating the potential use of this design frame in a much wider social and cultural context. Game form represents a nexus of design knowledge that can be applied outside the sphere of entertainment in order to celebrate human values and innovate new ideas. Effective design operates within set constraints; the basic design criteria of digital game form i.e. What is the point of the game? How do you play? How does the game play feel? Etc. provide a framework within which to pose research questions. Games provide a context for a fresh investigation of the meaning of and the relationship between the roles of artist, designer and player. My ongoing research interests remain centred in the study of game design, and how, as a field of experience design we can more closely understand the seduction inherent in becoming a player. Related research has been presented at the following conferences: Westecott, Emma, “The Making of an Art Game”, (Invited paper), Women in Games Conference, University of Teeside, Middlesbrough, 10-11th July 2006. Westecott, Emma, “Games as an Emergent Art Form” (Invited presentation), Ludotopia, Exeter Phoenix, 19th February 2006, Exeter, UK Westecott, Emma, “The Art of The Game” (Invited presentation), May You Live in Interesting Times Conference 28th – 29th October 2005, Cardiff, UKen_US
dc.publisherMIT Pressen_US
dc.titleGame Forms for New Outcomesen_US

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