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dc.identifier.citationExposure 2002 - The Hereford Photo Festival, pp.12en_US
dc.description.abstractThis work is part of my ongoing examination of our relationship with the natural world. Both the landscape and the creatures which inhabit it are constantly compromised by us in our need to survive and succeed in a world where the desires to imprint our identity as the dominant species are increasingly expanding. The outbreak of "Foot and Mouth" disease in 2001, which radically shifted opinion in Britain towards new farming methods was an ideal moment to witness a national response to a crisis in the landscape. The slaughter of millions of farm animals across Britain and their subsequent disposal through burial and fire imprinted itself momentarily upon the landscape, creating an environment alien to our nationally held view of it. It is against this background of intervention that we find the essence of the new landscape. It is not the focus of the work to present a literal account of this major upheaval in farming history, but rather to subvert our traditionally held views of what constitutes landscape through both a tangible and psychological experience within a 21st. century context. "that awful abyss, which separates us from the stars..." John Herschel. 1873. International Photography Exhibition. Invited exhibitor, presenting 12 large scale images in the form of 4 triptychs, each one exploring the basic elements of fire and earth.en_US
dc.titleThe Abyssen_US

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