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dc.contributor.authorLaugharne, Janeten_US
dc.identifier.citationInternational Journal of Learning 10, pp.3623-3633en_US
dc.description.abstractDouble blind peer reviewed article in an international online journal, which was published in Australia. Reviewers commented that the research represented a contribution to knowledge in the area of bilingualism and that there was little such contribution from Wales in the research field. As part of the review process peer reviewing of three other journal articles was undertaken by the author who acted as guest editor for volume 10 of 'The International Journal of Learning'. The research reported was one of several disseminations of a two year research project asking pupils in Year 5 (eight and nine years old) and Year 8 (twelve and thirteen years old) their opinions about and experiences of bilingualism in Wales. Other sections of the research were presented at international conference on bilingualism (International Symposium on Bilingualism ISB4 University of Arizona, 2004) and literacy education (United Kingdom Literacy Association UKLA, University of Swansea, 2007)en_US
dc.publisherCommon Grounden_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInternational Journal of Learningen
dc.titleStrawberries for Mavis in Wales: Word play as metalinguistic knowledgeen_US

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