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dc.contributor.authorDineen, Ruthen_US
dc.identifier.citation2006, Views from the chalk face: lecturers’ and students’ perspectives on the development of creativity in art & design. In: Jackson, N. (ed). Developing creativity in higher education. London: Routledge Keeganen_US
dc.description.abstractThe chapter describes the findings from a study of lecturer and student views on creativity in education undertaken in 2004. The intention was to cross-reference theoretical research into the psychology of creativity with empirical evidence from lecturers and students working within a discipline which, by its very nature, prioritises the creative development of the individual. The literature review which underpinned the project revealed a paucity of action-based research, a lack which I wished to rectify. To that end, the research was both quantitative and qualitative. The book chapter referred to here focussed on the qualitative data which revealed a high correlation between theory and practice. The findings have been used to inform a comparative study of Chinese art & design students, and a related exhibition and seminar on Creativity in Education held in Chongqing, China in 2007.en_US
dc.titleViews from the chalk-face: lecturers' and students' perspectives on the development of creativity in art & designen_US

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