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dc.contributor.authorMinoli, Dino
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Mark Thomas
dc.identifier.citationMinoli, D. and Smith, M. T. (2011) "An exploration of golf and voluntary environmental programmes", Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 54: (7), pp.871-889.en_GB
dc.descriptionFull text not available from this repository. Follow the enclosed URI link to the location of the full text.en_GB
dc.description.abstractGolf is a major and expanding sport, leisure and tourism activity with significant environmental impacts. The impacts of golf and other sports facilities are increasingly addressed through Voluntary Environmental Programmes (VEPs). Since the late-1980s, VEPs have gained popularity because they theoretically overcome the weaknesses of environmental legislation, improve environmental performance beyond minimum legal compliance and confer competitive advantage. Yet their effectiveness is contested and they are only partially accepted. There is very limited research on the growing participation of golf and other sports in VEPs. Our international review paper outlines the environmental impacts of golf, analyses the strategic ‘green’ pressures affecting the sport, reviews the theory and practice of VEPs, and draws conclusions on this under-researched field.
dc.publisherTaylor & Francisen_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Environmental Planning and Management
dc.subjectenvironmental impactsen_GB
dc.subjectvoluntary environmental programmesen_GB
dc.subjectgovernmental policyen_GB
dc.titleAn exploration of golf and voluntary environmental programmesen_GB
dc.publisher.departmentCardiff School of Managementen_UK

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