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dc.contributor.authorDix, Alan
dc.contributor.authorGill, Steve
dc.contributor.authorRamduny-Ellis, Devina
dc.contributor.authorHare, Jo
dc.identifier.citationDix, A., Gill, S., Ramduny-Ellis, D. & Hare, J. 'Design and Physicality – Towards an Understanding of Physicality in Design and Use', in Inns, T. (ed.) Designing for the 21st Century: Volume II: Interdisciplinary Methods and Findings. London: Routledge, pp.172-189
dc.descriptionBook Chapter describing the findings of a major research council funded research project.en_GB
dc.description.abstractWe live in an increasingly digital world, yet our bodies and minds are naturally designed to interact with the physical. This chapter reports on the work undertaken during the Design for Physicality (DEPtH) project which sought to explore the ways in which physicality affects designers and end users of computer embedded products.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipThe research described here was supported by teh AHRC and EPSRC under the Designing for teh 21st Century innitiativeen_GB
dc.subject21st centuryen_GB
dc.titleDesign and Physicality – Towards an Understanding of Physicality in Design and Useen_GB
dc.typeBook chapteren_GB

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  • User Centred Design [80]
    The UCD research group is a collaboration between CSAD and PDR with a shared interest in the importance of the prototype as a focus around which ethnographical research methods can be deployed in design praxis.
  • User Centred Design (UCD) [54]

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