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dc.contributor.authorRamduny-Ellis, Devina
dc.contributor.authorDix, Alan
dc.contributor.authorHare, Jo
dc.contributor.authorGill, Steve
dc.identifier.citationRamduny-Ellis, D., Dix, A., Hare, J. and Gill, S. (2009) Physicality 2009 - towards a less-GUI interface Third International Workshop on Physicality. In Proceedings of BCS HCI 2009, 1st Sept 2009, Cambridge, UK.en_GB
dc.descriptionWorkshop Proceedingsen_GB
dc.description.abstractPhysicality 2009 is the Third International Workshop following on from Physicality 2007 and Physicality 2006. These multi- isciplinary workshops have aimed to explore various issues surrounding physicality and have demonstrated both the timeliness and significance of this area of work. As digital technology invades more and more of the devices and products that surround us, it is increasingly important that interaction designers and product designers are able to make sense of the subtle interactions between physical form and activity and the way these influence and are influenced by digital functionality and interaction. In fact we never interact with computation, except through some form of physical interaction be it pressing a keyboard, gesturing with a hand, or creating pressure waves with our voices as we speak a command. In order to make sense of these physical interactions and produce better design for them, we need to take seriously the physical nature of the devices with which we interact and the nature of our own bodies and brains.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipAHRC and EPSRC under the 'Designing for the 21st Century' programmeen_GB
dc.publisherUWIC Pressen_GB
dc.titlePhysicality 2009 - towards a less-GUI interface Third International Workshop on Physicalityen_GB

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  • User Centred Design [80]
    The UCD research group is a collaboration between CSAD and PDR with a shared interest in the importance of the prototype as a focus around which ethnographical research methods can be deployed in design praxis.
  • User Centred Design (UCD) [54]

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