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dc.contributor.authorRamduny-Ellis, Devina
dc.contributor.authorDix, Alan
dc.contributor.authorGill, Steve
dc.identifier.citationRamduny-Ellis, Dix, A. and Gill, S. (Eds) (2012) Proceedings and Preface to the 4th International Workshop on Physicality, 11th September 2012, Birmingham University, UK.en_GB
dc.descriptionWorkshop Proceedingsen_GB
dc.description.abstractOur physical interaction with the world involves every part of our bodies. Physicality 2012 is the Fourth in the international workshop series aimed at exploring design challenges, theories and experiences in developing new forms of interactions that exploit human physical interaction with digital technology. Physicality-based interactions extend feedback beyond the visual, thus emulating the experiences gained through our interaction with the world via our non-visual senses and control capabilities such as gesture, speech and touch. CONTENT As in previous workshops in this series, this year’s range of papers and participants is both diverse and diffuse. The authors’ interests include aspects of technology, design, embodied interaction and interactive installation. As befits such cross-disciplinary workshop, the invited keynote by Fabian Hemmert from Deutsche Telekom Labs is one with some relevance to most. Fabian will be discussing his explorations of the possibilities of haptic interaction in future visions of feeling digital content. He will also be covering the potential impact on the human condition of an age of information abundance.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipCardiff School of Art and Design and the National Centre for Product Design & Development Researchen_GB
dc.publisherCardiff Met Pressen_GB
dc.titlePhysicality 2012 - Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Physicalityen_GB

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    The UCD research group is a collaboration between CSAD and PDR with a shared interest in the importance of the prototype as a focus around which ethnographical research methods can be deployed in design praxis.
  • User Centred Design (UCD) [54]

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