Contains new publications from the Cardiff School of Management in addition to four previous research themes

  1. Governance, accountability and social justice
  2. New Economies
  3. Competitiveness, Innovation and Enterprise
  4. Information Systems, Technology and People

Recent submissions

  • Corporate identity 

    Clifton, Nick; Gärtner, Stefan (Wiley, 2017)
    This entry applies the concept of corporate identity to geography, where, due to competition and standardization in globalizing markets, authenticity and also quality of life have become increasingly important. Even if a ...
  • Country of Origin Effects: The Interaction of Place and Product? 

    Clifton, Nick (IGI Global, 2017)
    This chapter develops the concept of the county of origin effect, and explores how linkages between place and product may impact upon it. Country-of-origin research has tended to focus upon how geographical associations ...
  • Conceptions of value as family resemblances 

    Fisher, Ron; Francis, Mark; Thomas, Andrew; Burgess, Kevin; Mutter, Katherine (Emerald, 2016-08)
    Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to consider value as individual and experiential, based on the relationships between conceptions of value, rather than attempting to identify a common factor. The authors use the ...
  • Flow Accounting: The Next Challenge for 21st Century Lean Businesses 

    Darlington, John; Found, Pauline; Francis, Mark (Springer, 2015)
    Traditional management accounting conventions do not support the Lean paradigm and, whilst numerous alternative accounting approaches have been developed over the last 25 years, there is still dissatisfaction amongst ...
  • Value in Higher Education 

    Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron; Thomas, Andrew; Jones, Owen (Society for Research into Higher Education, 2017-12)
    Research into value has noted its ubiquitous nature and the many attempts to define it (Francis et al., 2014). In other research Ramsay (2005) argues that for many authors the term “value” is used as though its meaning is ...
  • Structure of the lean literature: Journal quality analysis 

    Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron; Thomas, Andrew (Centre for Concurrent Enterprise, 2017)
    Over the last three decades, the topic of ‘Lean’ (Womack and Jones, 1996) has become firmly established within the field of logistics and supply chain research. This conference paper builds upon the work presented at ISL’16 ...
  • A revised bibliographic analysis of the Lean literature 

    Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron; Thomas, Andrew (Centre for Concurrent Enterprise, 2016-07)
    As part of an ongoing stream of research into the conception of ‘value’ within logistics and supply chain management (SCM), the authors presented a working paper at ISL 2015 (Francis et al., 2015) that explored the ...
  • Interpreting the concept of 'value' within the Lean paradigm 

    Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron; Thomas, Andrew (Centre for Concurrent Enterprise, 2015-07)
    The Lean paradigm (Womack & Jones, 1996) remains extremely influential on operations and supply chain practice and research. The first two of the five ‘Lean Principles’ advanced by Womack & Jones as a prescription for ...
  • Conceptions of value as family resemblances: a theoretical model and methodology 

    Fisher, Ron; Francis, Mark; Thomas, Andrew; Mutter, Katherine; Jones, Owen (Qualitative Research Conference, 2016-05)
    This paper discusses actors’ conceptions of the nature of value. Value is an important facet in contemporary management paradigms and an integral part of business and education. Yet research over many years has failed to ...
  • Influence of early exposure to family business experience on developing entrepreneurs 

    Tarling, Cath; Jones, Paul; Murphy, Lyndon (Emerald, 2016)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to consider the influences of family business and exposure to family business ideas upon students and graduates during their transition from higher education (HE) towards career ...
  • There may be trouble ahead: exploring the changing shape of non-profit entrepreneurship in third sector organizations 

    Addicott, Kathryn (Taylor & Francis, 2017-01-12)
    This paper explores the challenges and benefits of managing non-profit organizations and social enterprise activities in an increasingly complex and difficult environment of austerity, reduced public sector funding, and ...
  • Dodging the steamroller: Fundamentals versus the carry trade 

    Copeland, Laurence; Lu, Wenna (Elsevier, 2016-03-06)
    Although, according to uncovered interest rate parity, exchange rates should move so as to prevent the carry trade being systematically profitable, there is a vast empirical literature demonstrating the opposite. High ...
  • The Glorification of Plunder - States, Power and Tax Policy 

    James, Malcolm (Spiramus Press Ltd, 2017-08)
    This book is about two things: tax and power. The processes through which tax law is formulated, involve more than the formal legislative and judicial processes which result in statute and case law. Tax law is an ...
  • Implementing Lean Six Sigma to overcome the production challenges in an aerospace company 

    Thomas, Andrew; Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron; Byard, Paul (Taylor & Francis, 2016-03-22)
    Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has established itself as one of the key business process improvement strategies available to companies today. With roots based in the single strategies of Lean and Six Sigma, LSS offers a dual strategy ...
  • Implementing Lean Six Sigma into curriculum design and delivery – a case study in higher education 

    Thomas, Andrew; Antony, Jiju; Haven-Tang, Claire; Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron (Emerald, 2017-06-12)
    Purpose = The purpose of this paper is to propose the development and adoption of a Lean Six Sigma Framework (LSSF) that attempts to create a more balanced and integrated approach between Lean and Six Sigma and one that ...
  • The application of group consensus theory to aid organisational learning and sustainable innovation in manufacturing SMEs 

    Thomas, Andrew; Dorrington, Peter; Haven-Tang, Claire; Mason-Jones, Rachel; Francis, Mark; Fisher, Ron (Cogent, 2018-01-09)
    This paper investigates the exploring of situated knowledge within manu-facturing organisations, with employees from a four-tier supply chain utilising a form of Group Consensus Theory (GCT). The implementation of GCT ...
  • Critical reflections on performing arts impact evaluations 

    Williams-Burnett, Nicola; Skinner, Heather (Emerald, 2017-02)
    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to present a critically reflective account of the process of conducting an impact evaluation of a dance-theatre company’s staged productions and workshops. Design/methodology/appr ...
  • Let’s get physical: Stories of entrepreneurial activity from sports coaches/instructors 

    Jones, Paul; Jones, Amanda; Williams-Burnett, Nicola; Ratten, Vanessa (SAGE, 2017-11-15)
    The study explores the entrepreneurial experiences of sport coaches/instructors and their operation, thus contributing to a nascent literature. There is minimal literature evaluating entrepreneurial experiences in different ...
  • The role of energy prices in the Great Recession - A two-sector model with unfiltered data 

    Aminu, Nasir; Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick (Elsevier, 2018-02-02)
    We investigate the role of energy shocks during the Great Recession. We study the behaviour of the UK energy and non-energy intensive sectors firms in a real business cycle (RBC) model using unfiltered data. The model is ...
  • Challenges to the Development of Strategic Procurement: A Meta‐Analysis of Organizations in the Public and Private Sectors 

    White, Gareth; Parfitt, Scott; Lee, Chris; Mason-Jones, Rachel (Wiley, 2016-05-18)
    Enabling the development of strategic procurement has long been recognized as contributing to an effective organization, but companies in both the public and private sector still seem to find it challenging, and there ...

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