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dc.contributor.authorRedmond, Elizabeth
dc.contributor.authorGriffith, Chris J.
dc.identifier.citationRedmond, E.C. and Griffith, C.J. (2004) 'Consumer perceptions of food safety risk, control and responsibility', Appetite, 43(3), pp.309-313.en_US
dc.descriptionThis article was published in Appetite in December 2004, available at
dc.description.abstractConsumer perceptions of risk, control and responsibility related to microbial food safety in domestic food preparation have been investigated. Results showed that consumers demonstrated judgements of 'optimistic-bias' and the 'illusion of control', as well as notions of perceived invulnerability to food poisoning from self-prepared foods. Statistical associations between perceptions of personal risk, control and responsibility and risk and control attributed to 'other people' have been identified. Findings may have negative implications for the effectiveness of consumer food safety education initiatives. It is suggested that consideration of such judgements and associations during the development of future consumer food safety risk communication strategies may increase their effectiveness.en
dc.subjectconsumer food safety
dc.subjectfood safety education
dc.titleConsumer perceptions of food safety risk, control and responsibilityen_US

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