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dc.contributor.authorEvans, Lynne
dc.contributor.authorHardy, Lew
dc.contributor.authorMitchell, Ian
dc.contributor.authorRees, Tim
dc.identifier.citationEvans, L., Hardy, L., Mitchell, I. and Rees, T. (2008) 'The development of a measure of psychological responses to injury', Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 17(1), pp.21-37en_GB
dc.description.abstractObjective: The current paper reports the initial development of a theoretically derived measure to assess the psychological responses of injured athletes. Design: The paper comprises two studies. The first examines the factorial validity of the Psychological Responses to Sport Injury Inventory (PRSII) originally reported by Evans, Hardy, and Mullen.1 The second reexamines the factorial validity of the PRSII following scale refinement. Confirmatory factor analysis was employed in both studies. Setting: Sport injury clinics. Participants: Study 1 comprised repeated observations (n = 486) on 56 injured athletes. Study 2 comprised single observations on 418 injured athletes. Measure: Psychological Responses to Sport Injury Inventory (PRSII). Results: The five factor model from the first study demonstrated variable model fit. The six factor model that emerged from the second study showed improved model fit. Conclusions: The study provides some support for the PRSII as a measure of athletes’ psychological responses to injury. © 2008 Human Kinetics, Inc.
dc.publisherHuman Kinetics
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Sport Rehabilitation;
dc.titleThe development of a measure of psychological responses to sport injuryen_GB

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