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dc.contributor.authorHemmestad, L.B.
dc.contributor.authorJones, Robyn
dc.contributor.authorStandal, O. F.
dc.identifier.citationHemmestad, L.B., Jones, R.L. and Standal, Ø.F. (2010) 'Phronetic social science: a means of better researching and analysing coaching?', Sport, Education and Society, 15(4), pp.447-459en_US
dc.identifier.issn1357-3322 (Print)
dc.identifier.issn1470-1243 (Online)
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this paper is to present the case for phronetic social science as an appropriate lens through which to view sports coaching. In doing so, we firstly define and then elaborate upon the principal concepts contained within phronetic social science as related to complex action, flexibility, moral reflection and power. By locating them within recent coaching research, the case is further made how such concepts can help coaching scholars and coaches to better understand the activity of coaching. Finally, a conclusion draws together the main points made, particularly in terms of how using such a perspective and conceptualisation of coaching could benefit future coach education programmes.
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge)
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSport, Education and Society;
dc.subjectphronetic social science
dc.subjectBent Flyvbjerg
dc.titlePhronetic social science: A means of better researching and analysing coaching?en_US

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