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dc.contributor.authorBell, Billen_US
dc.contributor.authorDavies, J Sen_US
dc.contributor.authorEvans, W.D.en_US
dc.contributor.authorScanlon, M Fen_US
dc.identifier.citation16 (5), pp.533-543en_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper evaluates the effects and safety of replacement recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) on measures of body composition, bone mineral, and biochemical and clinical cardiovascular risk factors in growth hormone deficient adults. The study was randomised, double-blind and placebo controlled. In general, administration of rhGH was well tolerated. Somatic, body composition and cardiovascular risk factors responded favourably to treatment, which have implications for further health research in growth hormone deficiency. Bell contributed to data collection/analysis and wrote the manuscript.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Journal of Human Biologyen_US
dc.titleSomatic characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors in growth hormone deficiency: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effect of treatment with recombinant human growth hormoneen_US

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