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  • Local authority sustainable planning for tourism: lessons from Ireland 

    McLoughlin, Emmet; Hanrahan, James (Emerald PublishingCardiff School of Management, 2019-05-30)
    Purpose – Sustainability is an essential word in the vocabulary of modern planning; it is the key principle that underpins the Irish planning process. Yet, despite decades of academic and practical debate on sustainable ...
  • Sustainable supply chain modelling and optimization 

    Farzipoor Saen, Reza; Fisher, Ron; Mahdiloo, Mahdi (Elsevier, 2016-10)
    No abstract available.
  • Measuring menu attributes in the international and local resort hotels in Egypt 

    Baiomy, Ahmed; Jones, Eleri (Taylor and FrancisCardiff School of Management, 2016-09-29)
    This study will be the first attempt to examine menu attributes, i.e. menu item descriptions, menu design and menu variety as effective marketing tools for Sharm El-Sheikh resort hotels (SESRHs) in Egypt. Fifteen semi-structured ...
  • The influence of online menus on selecting a resort hotel: a case study of Egypt 

    Baiomy, Ahmed; Jones, Eleri (Taylor and FrancisCardiff School of Management, 2016-10-03)
    In resort hotels (RHs), customers are effectively a captive audience and may not leave the RH during their stay; thus, online menus are crucial, especially for guests with special dietary requirements. This study aims to ...
  • Technological Factors Influencing University Tourism and Hospitality Students’ Intention to Use E-Learning: A Comparative Analysis of Egypt and the United Kingdom 

    Abbas, Tamer; Jones, Eleri; Hussien, Faten (Taylor and FrancisCardiff School of Management, 2016-11-10)
    The main purpose of this study was to apply the extended technology acceptance model in examining the technological factors influencing university tourism and hospitality students’ intention to use e-learning in 2 different ...
  • Institutional investors and voluntary disclosure and transparency: the case of Egypt 

    El-Diftar, Doaa; Jones, Eleri; Ragheb, Mohamed; Soliman, Mohamed (EmeraldCardiff School of Management, 2017)
    Purpose: Disclosure and transparency are major pillars of corporate governance which need to be greatly promoted in Egypt. This research aims to understand how different kinds of institutional investors affect levels of ...
  • Tourism’s lost leaders: Analysing gender and performance 

    Pritchard, Annette; Morgan, Nigel (ElsevierCardiff School of Management, 2017-01-17)
    Higher education is increasingly engaged with diversity initiatives, especially those focused on women in academic leadership, whilst there is an evolving literature across the humanities and the social, management and ...
  • Play, playwork and wellbeing 

    Matthews, Nic; Smith, Hilary; Hill, Denise M.; Kilgour, Lindsey (Oxford University PressCardiff School of Management, 2017)
    This chapter presents an overview of the literature on childhood wellbeing which is characterised by large scale, cross-sectional studies. However, Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ...
  • Augmented Reality Apps for Tourism Destination Promotion 

    Rahimi, Roya; Hassan, Azizul; Tekin, Ozlem (IGI GlobalCardiff School of Management, 2017)
    Current chapter focuses on the effectiveness of Augmented Reality (AR) supported applications for mobile and wearable devices during the visitation of tourist destinations. AR as an innovative technology tool becomes ...
  • The Ecovillage: Concept and Applications 

    Hassan, Azizul; Wall, Geoffrey (IGI GlobalCardiff School of Management, 2017)
    This paper examines ecovillages in the context of tourism and research development. Four ecovillages form Bangladesh are selected as cases of this study. Data were mainly collected by focus group discussions harnessing a ...
  • Humanising migrant women’s work 

    Rydzik, Agnieszka; Pritchard, Annette; Morgan, Nigel; Sedgley, Diane (Elsevier, 2017-03-03)
    Female migrants make an important contribution to the global tourism industry yet their employment experiences and histories are poorly understood. This paper draws on a phenomenological position to explore the life-world ...
  • Academic advising business process remodeling in Egyptian educational institutions 

    Mostafa, Lamiaa; Khalifa, Nermin; Ayoubi, Rami M.; Thomas, Andrew (IADIS, 2016-10-28)
    The academic advising is a crucial process for a student's career path. The manual process is challenging since the student are advised to register specific courses that might affect his career path taking into consideration ...
  • Solving the mystery of mobile learning adoption in higher education 

    Al-Adwan, Ahmad Samed; Al-Adwan, Amer; Berger, Hilary (Inderscience, 2017-12-07)
    The rapid expansion in users of mobile devices, particularly among university students, makes mobile learning (m-learning) the modern style of learning for the new millennium. Thus, it is important to identify and explore ...
  • Search Engine Marketing: An Outlining of Conceptualization and Strategic Application 

    Hassan, Azizul; Dadwal, Sumesh (IGI GlobalCardiff School of Management, 2018)
    The most common feature of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the pay-per-click concept that outlines the conceptual understanding of the human-computer interaction (HCI) in marketing. In this type of marketing, the three ...
  • Corporate governance code comparison for South Asian emerging economies 

    Qurashi, Mubashir Hassan (Emerald, 2018)
    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to compare the corporate governance (CG) codes of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh with the CG guide of United Nations (UN) and to identify the similar points of these codes with the ...
  • Tourism policy planning in Bangladesh: Background and some steps forward 

    Hassan, Azizul; Kokkranikal, Jithendran (Middlesex University DubaiCardiff School of Management, 2018)
    Tourism policies and plans seek to resolve tourism development issues, safeguard the built and natural heritage, and achieve sustainable socioeconomic development in relation to the aspirations of current and future ...
  • Augmented Reality for Tourism Service Promotion in Iran as an Emerging Market 

    Shabani, Neda; Hassan, Azizul (IGI GlobalCardiff School of Management, 2018)
    Recently tourism service industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world that has a positive impact on global economy. Tourism service industry growth in some emerging markets such as Iran is faster ...
  • Augmented Reality as an Emerging Application in Tourism Marketing Education 

    Hassan, Azizul; Jung, Timothy (IGI GlobalCardiff School of Management, 2018)
    Augmented Reality (AR) as an advanced format of Virtual Reality (VR) becomes widely available in numerous appliances, mainly in mobile devices like Smartphones or wearable devices. As the prospective benefits of this ...
  • Do flexible admission systems affect student enrollment? Evidence from UK universities 

    Massoud, Hiba; Ayoubi, Rami M. (Taylor and Francis, 2018-12-28)
    We reveal the current level of flexible admission systems (FAS) at UK universities, and explore its impact on student enrollment rates. We employ quantitative analysis techniques for data collected and customized from the ...
  • Event futures: innovation, creativity and collaboration 

    Jaimangal-Jones, Dewi; Robertson, Martin; Jackson, Caroline (Emerald, 2018)
    This special issue has at its centre the theme Event Futures: innovation, creativity and collaboration. This theme was the basis of the Association for Events Management Education (AEME) annual forum hosted at Cardiff ...

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