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dc.contributor.authorSmith, Paul M.
dc.contributor.authorDoherty, M.
dc.contributor.authorPrice, M.J.
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Sports Sciences 25 (6), pp.711-718en_UK
dc.description.abstractThis paper examined how the use of either an imposed or self-selected crank rate influenced the attainment of peak aerobic power and related physiological responses during arm crank ergometry. The findings of similar research studies had previously been published in the area of leg cycling, but this was the first known study to systematically compare the crank strategies using arm ergometry. Findings demonstrated that the crank strategy had no quantitative bearing on any of the measures made. Smith conceived the idea, collected and analysed the data, and wrote the majority of the publication.en_UK
dc.publisherPublished on behalf of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences [Routledge]en_UK
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Sports Sciencesen_UK
dc.titleThe effect of crank rate strategy on peak aerobic power and peak physiological responses during arm crank ergometryen_UK

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