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dc.contributor.authorFairclough, Johnen_UK
dc.contributor.authorBenjamin, Men_UK
dc.contributor.authorPoumarat, Gen_UK
dc.contributor.authorToumi, Hechmien_UK
dc.identifier.citationMedicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 39 (7), pp.1153-1159en_UK
dc.description.abstractThe activity of the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) muscle has been shown to relate to knee pain but its relative contribution to weight-bearing activity is rarely investigated. This study investigated the activation (in weight–bearing activity) and anatomy of VMO and vastus lateralis. The VMO showed the potential to act to maintain normal patellar tracking as well as causing knee extension. Portions of the VMO were shown to be recruited differentially according to the movement. This enhances understanding of the quadriceps muscle components, and the management and investigation of knee symptomatology. Fairclough designed the protocol and edited the manuscript.en_UK
dc.titleNew insights into the function of the vastus medials with clinical implicationsen_UK

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