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dc.contributor.authorFairclough, Johnen_UK
dc.contributor.authorHigashiyama, I.en_UK
dc.contributor.authorSuzuki, Den_UK
dc.contributor.authorToumi, Hechmien_UK
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Anatomy 208 (1), pp.47-57en_UK
dc.description.abstractProximal patellar tendinopathy occurs as a common overuse injury in sport. It is unclear why the condition mainly affects the posteromedial part of the proximal tendon enthesis. Radiological, histological and magnetic resonance imaging techniques of this study suggest that the mechanical stresses in the affected areas are asymmetrically distributed, creating greater loading on the medial side and leading to variation in the bone structure. These findings are unique in that they may provide an explanation for the location of the symptoms and thus may contribute to future treatment. Fairclough assisted in the writing of the protocol and the manuscript.en_UK
dc.publisherWiley Blackwellen_UK
dc.titleRegional variations in human patellar trabecular architecture and the structure of the proximal patellar tendon enthesisen_UK

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