Recent submissions

  • Design & Development Seminar Proceedings 

    Coward, Tim; Fathers, James; Thomas, Angharad (UWIC Press, 2002-08)
    This is the first publication from The Cardiff Group (TCG), a multi-disciplinary group of academics and practitioners drawn from the fields of design, development studies and economics, who first met at a specially convened ...
  • Process Precedes Product: a developing paradigm 

    Coward, Tim (2002-09-01)
    This paper makes the case that design, particularly in the context of non-western, developing, countries requires a different framework for both execution and evaluation from those frameworks that have become standard in ...
  • A critique of design methodologies appropriate to private-sector activity in development 

    Coward, Tim; Fathers, James (Routledge, 2005-06-01)
    This paper, by two founder members of The Cardiff Group, addresses the research problem of design methodologies appropriate to the development context; a key issue identified by the first Design and Development seminar in ...