The group is active in four key areas of Information Appliance Design and prototyping research: In Context Testing, Augmented Virtual Environments, Physicality and Very Fast Prototyping.

Recent submissions

  • Creating International Masters of Design 

    Barham, Gareth (DWB Associates Ltd, Warwick, UK., 2010-11)
    The nature of higher education in the United Kingdom will change over the next few years in response to anticipated substantial budget cuts to be announced by the British government. Questions have already been asked about ...
  • Creating International Masters of Design: Global Employment from an International Education 

    Barham, Gareth (Samsung Art & Design Institute, 2011-11)
    Introduction: Challenging Times, Changing Futures The nature of higher education in the United Kingdom will change over the next few years in response to anticipated substantial budget cuts to be announced by the British ...
  • The Physiological Response During Divergent Thinking 

    Loudon, Gareth; Deininger, Gina (2016)
    Our research studied the physiological response of participants during a creative task to investi-gate if a person’s psychophysiological state is correlated with divergent thinking performance. We used heart rate variability ...
  • Blood on the easel 

    Barham, Gareth (2016-01-13)
    Towards an Internationalised Classroom As Dilys Schororman argues, over the period of the last ten years, the term ‘internationalisation’ has become a buzzword in higher education and an increasingly important aspect ...

    Barham, Gareth (National Centre for Product Design and Development Research (PDR), 2005-11)
    Issues of user accessibility and usability of technological products such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants and MP3 players influence the adoption of such Digital Information Appliances by the majority of users ...
  • REACHING BEYOND: Perspectives on Internationalisation: Creating an international Masters of Design 

    Barham, Gareth (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012-06)
    This paper demonstrates how two universities from opposite sides of the world have reached beyond traditional boundaries by collaborating in a jointly delivered Masters programme. It discusses the importance of ...
  • New spaces for supporting entrepreneurship? Co-working spaces in the Welsh entrepreneurial landscape 

    Fuzi, Anita; Clifton, Nick; Loudon, Gareth (International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development, 2015-06-18)
    Co-working is a broad term that has been rapidly expanding in recent years. The term refers to the practice of working “alongside each other” in a flexible and shared office environment where desks can be rented on a ...
  • Interface Design 

    Gill, Steve (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)
  • Interaction Design 

    Gill, Steve (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)
  • Internet 

    Gill, Steve (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)
  • Concepts 

    Gill, Steve (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)
  • The Challenges of taking a User-Centric Approach within developing countries: A case study of designing medical solutions for Zambia 

    Watkins, Clara; Loudon, Gareth; Gill, Steve; Hall, Judith (2015-04-22)
    In an attempt to meet the needs of the world’s poor, user-centric methodologies have been applied to the development of appropriate product solutions, with growing popularity. However, despite the popularity of these ...
  • Digital technologies in extra-oral, soft tissue, facial prosthetics: Current state of the art 

    Eggbeer, Dominic; Bibb, Richard; Evans, P. (Matrix Marketing, 2007)
    Purpose – Maxillofacial Prosthetics is faced with increasing patient numbers and cost constraints leading to the need to explore whether computer-aided techniques can increase efficiency. This need was addressed through ...
  • The effect of physicality on low fidelity interactive prototyping for design practice 

    Hare, Jo; Gill, Steve; Loudon, Gareth; Lewis, Alan (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013)
    In this paper we propose the concept of 'active' and 'passive' physicality as mental models to help in understanding the role of low fidelity prototypes in the design process for computer embedded products. We define 'active ...
  • Investigating the biomechanical hand and its role in designing interactions 

    Eardley, Rachel; Gill, Steve; Thompson, Stephen (2012-06)
    This paper outlines a PhD research project that questions the design of technology by investigating the human hand as a biomechanical tool. The intention is to research through a human centered design process focused on ...
  • Better by Design: Safer Medical Devices Better and Faster (new uses of rough and ready, tried and tested techniques) 

    Culverhouse, Ian; Gill, Steve (2012-10)
    This paper describes a case study relating to design work undertaken by a UK design team based within a university. The techniques described are informed by a body of academic research relating to the challenges of prototyping ...
  • The Role of Physicality in the Design Process 

    Gill, Steve; Dix, Alan (Form+ Zweck, 2012)
    In this chapter we discuss physicality’s influence in design, an influence that permeates the process at many levels. Before embarking on that however it might be sensible to define physicality. In other writings we have ...
  • Modal Preferences in Creative Problem Solving 

    Deininger, Gina; Loudon, Gareth; Norman, Stefanie (Springer-Verlag, 2012-08)
    Embodied cognitive science appeals to the idea that cognition depends on the body as well as the brain. This study looks at whether we are more likely to engage just the brain or enlist the body for complex cognitive functioning ...

    Loudon, Gareth; Deininger, Gina; Wilgeroth, Paul (The Design Society, 2012-09)
    It is more important than ever that our product design graduates have a better understanding of how to enhance their creative skills in order to design and develop new innovative products. This paper describes some of the ...
  • Physicality 2012 - Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Physicality 

    Ramduny-Ellis, Devina; Dix, Alan; Gill, Steve (Cardiff Met Press, 2012)
    Our physical interaction with the world involves every part of our bodies. Physicality 2012 is the Fourth in the international workshop series aimed at exploring design challenges, theories and experiences in developing ...

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