CFAR provides a coherent and ambitious programme around Fine Art research. It exists to encourage and support interdisciplinary, cross-School and inter-Institutional research initiatives in a supportive environment that encourages research activity at all levels.

Recent submissions

  • Where era's elide 

    Stitt, Andre (Flight Gallery, 2015-11-20)
    During the months of October and November 2015 James Cobb and I researched the work of Mark Rothko (1903 - 1970)2 and Donald Judd (1928 - 1994)3 at various locations in Texas. This became the basis for ten large-scale ...
  • Civics 

    Stitt, Andre (2017)
    This research exhibition considers how experiences of Britain’s post-war New Towns, and the work made by artists through residential placements have had an impact on the development of recent painting practice. Through ...
  • Living in the material world 

    Stitt, Andre (Gallery Ten, 2016)
    Painting and Installation as Communicator and Transmitter of experience that reflects the historical uncertainty of time and place. This research investigates how painting can be experienced as an ‘extended’ practice ...
  • Aesthetics as ecology, or the question of the form of eco art 

    Cazeaux, Clive (Manchester University Press, 2017-10-04)
    This volume of essays explores the scope for a further extension of ecocriticism across the environmental humanities. The collection considers collaboration between individuals both in the same discipline and across ...
  • Art, research, philosophy 

    Cazeaux, Clive (Routledge, 2017-04-11)
    Art, Research, Philosophy explores the emergent field of artistic research: art produced as a contribution to knowledge. As a new subject, it raises several questions: What is art-as-research? Don’t the requirements of ...
  • Am I robot? 

    Granjon, Paul (2017)
  • Coy-B, an Art Robot for Exploring the Ontology of Artificial Creatures 

    Granjon, Paul (Springer, 2014-06-28)
    The author is a performance and visual artist whose interest lies in the co-evolution of humans and machines, a subject he explores with self-made machines. The paper describes the aims, method, and context of Coy-B, a ...
  • This machine could bite: On the role of non-benign art robots 

    Granjon, Paul (Open Humanities Press, 2017-01-23)
    The social robot's current and anticipated roles as butler, teacher, receptionist or carer for the elderly share a fundamental anthropocentric bias: they are designed to be benign, to facilitate a transaction that aims to ...
  • Morgan O’Hara : Radial Trace & Full Circle 

    Stitt, Andre (Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, 2016-09)
    I investigate how O’Hara explores the possibilities of drawing that places emphasis on the human body and its relation to activity in various environments. The act of drawing is examined by implicating the artist as an ...
  • HEX, DRUGS AND DAMAGE CONTROL: Phenomenology, Pharmaceuticals and Catharsis in Performance Art 1976-1992 

    Stitt, Andre (Les Editions Interventions, 2016)
    In the text I explore how and why I made radical art with the aid drugs to produce altered states of consciousness as a means for conflict transformation. I explore examples of my own formative engagement with mind altering ...
  • The Perceived Size and Shape of Objects in Peripheral Vision 

    Baldwin, Joseph; Burleigh, Alistair; Pepperell, Robert; Ruta, Nicole (Sage, 2016-08-17)
    Little is known about how we perceive the size and shape of objects in far peripheral vision. Observations made during an artistic study of visual space suggest that objects appear smaller and compressed in the periphery ...
  • Facing the Spectator 

    Koenderink, Jan; van Doorn, Andrea; Pinna, Baingio; Pepperell, Robert (Sage, 2016-11)
    We investigated the familiar phenomenon of the uncanny feeling that represented people in frontal pose invariably appear to ‘‘face you’’ from wherever you stand. We deploy two different methods. The stimuli include the ...
  • 3D modeling and motion parallax for improved videoconferencing 

    Zhu, Zhe; Ralph, Martin; Pepperell, Robert; Burleigh, Alistair (Springer, 2016-06)
    We consider a face-to-face videoconferencing system that uses a Kinect camera at each end of the link for 3D modeling and an ordinary 2D display for output. The Kinect camera allows a 3D model of each participant to be ...
  • Maska 

    Green, James (g39 Contemporary Temporary Artspace, 2014-05)
    James Green’s work takes an interdisciplinary approach, that crosses between painting, sculpture, collage, mask making, print, and comic making. Inspiration for this work comes from a wide range of artists, places and ...
  • How can visual experience be depicted? A study of close-up double vision 

    Green, James; Pepperell, Robert (Sage, 2013-07-14)
    The attempt to record visual experience has been of central importance to many artists throughout the history of art. Vision itself is made up of many processes, both psychological and physiological, and is still only ...
  • Indeterminacy and realism in cinema and art 

    Pepperell, Robert (Verlag Transcript, 2012)
    This paper will address two moments in cinematic history: a shot that occurs in Robert Wiene's avant-garde production of THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI (1920) and the attempt by the main protagonist in Antonioni's BLOW-UP ...
  • Performing Political Acts: Performance Art in Northern Ireland: Ritual, Catharsis and Transformation 

    Stitt, Andre (Intellect Books/Live Art Development Agency, 2015-01)
    Since the early nineteen seventies artists have been creating performances, art actions, interventions, and other time-based art in Northern Ireland during a period of traumatic civil conflict. I explore how and why ...
  • Egocentric perspective: Depicting the body from its own point of view 

    Pepperell, Robert (MIT Press, 2015)
    We are almost always visible to ourselves. Depending on how you are seated, reclining or standing you will see parts of your nose, legs, hands, arms, shoulders or trunk from your own point of view. Yet these everyday ...
  • Mobile Encounters – Documenting the Early Years of Performance Art in Ireland 

    Stitt, Andre (Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin, 2014-12-12)
    The exhibition looked at the past thirty years of performance art in Ireland and features documents, artefacts and videos by Andre Stitt from the collection of the National Irish Visual Arts Library.
  • Shankill Butcher Knives 

    Stitt, Andre (Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2014-11-01)
    This major new exhibition features artists’ responses to the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It offers avenues for exploring the way in which the Troubles have been viewed by artists and for reflecting on the manifestations ...

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