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dc.contributor.authorNeil, Stuart
dc.descriptionPaper delivered at the WIRAD 1st National Symposium for Emerging Art & Design Researchers, Hilton Hotel, Newporten
dc.description.abstractAt the moment, I have two personas. On the one hand, I am an academic, interested in a creative and academic research. Conversely, I have been involved for a number of years with an organisation called 'Pedestrian', a non-profit organisation, which aims to find a means to draw disaffected young people into society through Emergent urban Arts (EuA). In Cardiff School of Art & Design my role has developed to be focused on administration and undergraduate programme development. The concerns in 'Pedestrian' are more generally defined and appears to be developmentally divergent from my academic practice. I am interested in developing some convergence between these two seemingly disparate areas. This research aims to create understanding that will outline these two fields and some of the possibilities for connectivity between them and to start a dialogue with other emerging researchers, as to how the situation in which I find myself can be resolved in a productive way. I hope that my particular dilemma would be something that other emerging researchers might have some empathy with. As a consequence, this paper outlines some of the factors that might form a research project; explores in a rather informal and discursive way some of the ideas that might shape the research and concludes with a form of creative intellectual meandering which explores some of the more speculative and rhizomatic directions the research might take.en
dc.subjectResearch Practiceen
dc.subjectDefining Researchen
dc.subjectPedagogical Developmenten
dc.subjectEmerging Researcher Symposium
dc.titleExploring the 'vernacular of honesty' in the intersection between academic life and external worken

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