FabCr8 is a new, multi-disciplinary research and enterprise group based in Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Driven by an interest in emerging technologies, FabCr8 works in conjunction with FabLab Cardiff bringing together academics from across the university who engage in a range of research projects working with digital fabrication processes, physical computing, IOT and material investigation applied to a broad range of art and design contexts

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  • 01101110 : An Audiovisual Installation Based on the Cellular Automaton Rule 110 

    Kontogeorgakopoulos, Alexandros; Klissouras, Odysseas (SMC - Sound and Music Computing Network, 2020-06-24)
    This paper presents and discusses in depth an interactive audiovisual installation created by the authors. The title of the work, 01101110, corresponds to the number 110 and refers to the Cellular Automaton (CA) Rule ...
  • Multisensory instrumental dynamics as an emergent paradigm for digital musical creation 

    Leonard, James; Villeneuve, Jérôme; Kontogeorgakopoulos, Alexandros (Springer, 2020-07-07)
    The nature of human/instrument interaction is a long-standing area of study, drawing interest from fields as diverse as philosophy, cognitive sciences, anthropology, human–computer-interaction, and artistic creation. In ...
  • Material Systems: kinetic sound art and STS 

    Pigott, Jon (Routledge, 2019-10)
    This paper will explore how sensibilities and approaches from Science and Technology Studies (STS) can help to understand and identify the field of kinetic sound art, extracting specific concerns from a boarder milieu of ...
  • Speaker Park: An Intersection of loudspeaker design and post-acousmatic composition. 

    Pigott, Jon; Saario, Antti (2019-12-05)
    Speaker Park was an internationally curated project which brought together a custom installation of 24 hand built, sculptural loudspeakers made by Roar Sletteland and Jon Pigott, with two composers, Antti Sakari Saario and ...
  • Mechanical Entanglement: A Collaborative Haptic-Music Performance 

    Kontogeorgakopoulos, Alexandros; Siorros, George; Klissouras, Odysseas (2019-03)
    Mechanical Entanglement is a musical composition for three performers. Three force feedback devices each containing two haptic faders are mutually coupled using virtual linear springs and dampers. During the composition, ...
  • Game|lan:Co-Designing and Co-Creating an Orchestra of Digital Musical Instruments within the Fab Lab Network 

    Kontogeorgakopoulos, Alexandros; Kotsifa, Olivia (CCRMA, Stanford University, 2019-03-23)
    This paper presents an ongoing project focused on the co-design and co-creation of a small orchestra of digitally fabricated digital musical instruments (DMIs) based on the Bela board, an open-source embedded computing ...
  • Speaker Park 

    Pigott, Jon (2019-03-09)
    Speaker Park was an internationally curated collaborative event combining the production of a unique, sculptural, multi-loudspeaker installation with two original and bespoke musical compositions. Jon Pigott’s ...
  • The Ceramophone 

    Pigott, Jon; Murphy, Ingrid (2018)
    The Ceramophone (2018) by Jon Pigott and Ingrid Murphy is an interactive, kinetic piece of sound art comprising re-appropriated and bespoke electronics and ceramics. The piece forms part of Murphy and Pigott’s ongoing ...
  • The Making of a Maker Space 

    Murphy, Ingrid (UCL IOE Press, 2018-10-01)
  • Electromagnetic Interrogations (2011-2014) 

    Pigott, Jon (2017)
    Electromagnetic Interrogations (2011 - 2014) is a kinetic sound work which interrogates the electromagnetic radiation given off by three dismantled but still operative compact disc (CD) players, mounted upon plinths. ...
  • The Syn-Tea-Syzer 

    Murphy, Ingrid; Pigott, Jon (2017)
  • The Captains Teapot 

    Pigott, Jon; Murphy, Ingrid (2015)
  • Beyond Facture 

    Murphy, Ingrid (2017-02-15)
    Material arts, craft-based practices, digital processes and technological constructs influence, support and affect each other in multiple possible ways, each with their own historical lineage and associated aspirations ...
  • Meta-Making and Me 

    Murphy, Ingrid (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017)
    The position of ceramics within contemporary society is an example of meta - modernity at its finest, it is a field in a perpetual state of oscillation and plurality. Depending on your perspective, ceramics ...
  • Material Systems as Art Practice and Method 

    Pigott, Jon (2016-08-31)
    This paper will report on an art practice based research project that takes the idea of ‘material systems’ to explore electromechanical sound art. By focussing on intersections between the mid 1960s revival in kinetic ...
  • Electromechanical Perspectives of Sound and Music 

    Pigott, Jon (2016-04-15)
    From a technological necessity in projects like the Telharmonium, to a creative opportunity enjoyed by current sound installation artists, the electromechanical condition is a mainstay of electronic and experimental music ...
  • Aliveness machines, shadows and undercurrents: experimental data-activated sculptural works 

    Lyons, Antony; Pigott, Jon (2014-08-27)
    The concept of the 'Aliveness Machines' emerged from a landscape-based artist residency, conducted by Lyons and Pigott throughout 2012, within the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Tasked with working in and around the ...
  • Shadows, undercurrents and the Aliveness Machines 

    Pigott, Jon; Lyons, Antony (Routledge, 2017)
  • Across Fields: Sound, art and technology from an electromechanical perspective 

    Pigott, Jon (Cambridge University Press, 2017-07-12)
    This article follows electromechanical technologies through different contexts of electronic and experimental music, sound art and kinetic art as well as through parts of their industrial development and application. The ...

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