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dc.contributor.authorMurphy, Ingrid
dc.identifier.citationMurphy, I. (2017) 'Meta-Making and Me', In Livingstone, A. & Petrie, K. (ed.s) The Ceramics Reader. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp.486-493en_US
dc.descriptionAlso presented at the Ceramics Reader Symposium. London, Makers Guild, 24th May 2017 and Ceramics and New Technologies Symposium. Bath, Holburne Museum, 26th February 2016
dc.description.abstractThe position of ceramics within contemporary society is an example of meta - modernity at its finest, it is a field in a perpetual state of oscillation and plurality. Depending on your perspective, ceramics as a material practice is simultaneously endangered and yet, routinely declared as never more potent or valuable to society. The definition of Meta - modernity by cultural theorists, Timothies Vermuleun and Robin van Der Akker can be easily applied to contemporary ceramic practice ; it is that of a field hugely influenced by its heritage , but on the verge of significant departure. In their seminal text “Note on Metamodernism” Vermulen and van Der Akker describe their concept of meta: “ Meta, for us, signifies an oscillation, a swinging or swaying with and between future, present and past, here and there and somewhere; with and between ideals, mindsets, and positions. It is influenced by estimations of the past, imbued by experiences of the present, y et also inspired by expectat ions of the future. “ (1) This essay is an attempt to hold still this oscillating metronome for long enough to see how technological advances might influence the future of ceramic practice .
dc.publisherBloomsbury Academicen_US
dc.titleMeta-Making and Meen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US

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