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dc.contributor.authorChew, Esyin
dc.identifier.citationChew, E. (2014) '“To listen or to read?” Audio or written assessment feedback for international students in the UK', On the Horizon, 22(2), pp.127-135
dc.descriptionCopy not available from this repository.en_US
dc.descriptionArticle published in On the Horizon available at
dc.description.abstractPurpose – In response to the less satisfied National Student Survey, UK universities have committed to transform assessment and feedback experience. This paper aims to explore how the diversity of online assessment and feedback offer a better learning experience for international students. Design/methodology/approach – By using the action research method, the research investigated academic and international students' first experience on audio feedback and online text. Video interviews and online questionnaires were carried out. Findings – All research participants would like to receive assessment feedback in audio form. This reflects the learning experience of students and suggests that the support of a higher educational institution or a tutor could provide for assessment and feedback enhancement in the digital world is mandatory. Other than the technological and instrumental advantage, the “human element” of audio feedback makes it unique and interesting to listen to in contrast to online written feedback. Research limitations/implications – It is recognised that the number of student participants was small but the qualitative findings demonstrate some key issues in relation to international student experience and the effectiveness and engagement of assessment feedback that may inspire future empirical research. Practical implications – Some conditions under which feedback is likely to be effective are not met as frequently as originally believed, audio feedback can be thoughtfully considered as an alternative assessment feedback mechanism for international students. Originality/value – The “‘human element’ of audio assessment feedback” defeats online written text for international students. They appreciate the effort spent by the tutor to provide them assessment and feedback personally by “talking to them”.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesOn the Horizon;
dc.subjectblended learning
dc.subjectonline assessment
dc.subjectassessment and feedback
dc.subjectaudio feedback
dc.subjecttechnology enhanced learning
dc.subjectTurnitin GradeMark
dc.title“To listen or to read?” Audio or written assessment feedback for international students in the UKen_US

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